Author: irinapakhomova


One Encyclopedia – Three Types of Experience

According to my tradition that began when I was discussing the features of Wikipedia articles on the book The War of the Worlds by Herbert Wells written in three different languages in my first blog, I have decided that I necessarily need to get at least the slightest experience with each of these three Wikipedias.   A good beginning is half the battle


Wikipedia Article on “The War of the Worlds” by Herbet Wells in English, German and Russian

The War of the Worlds is a science fiction novel by English author H. G. Wells. Being once sensational book, it amazed humanity of those days with its fresh, original style and grand new theme of alien invasion. The novel was rather challenging for those days and popular for a long time. But I believe, that there are also nowadays some people, like me, who find this book to be one of the greatest examples of science fiction. For this reason I have decided to analyse and compare three Wikipedia articles on The War of the Worlds.