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Analyzing disparities of Wikipedia articles in different language versions: What’s different and why?

Article comparison between the German & English version of the Wikipedia article about the German government The task of our university seminar was to compare two Wikipedia (WP) articles about the same topic, but of different languages, concerning site content, structure and activity. While looking for a topic I found out that very often there is a difference in the size of articles concerning their content, which turned out to be mostly language-based.


Diversity on the rise in “multicultural” articles

My research has shown that English and German Wikipedia articles can be totally different even if they describe the same topic. An evaluation of the Wikipedia articles on Multiculturalism in English and Multikulturalismus in German has shown that these two articles are independent of each other and differ in terms of length, informativeness, wealth of details and pictures. Surprisingly, they also differ in terms of how they present points of view.