Editing Wikipedia – What’s this all about?

“There’s enough editors for this, aren’t there?”

Wikipedia is a knowledge database maintained by its users, normal people like you and me. Not just researchers and scientists contribute to the never-ending catalogue of wisdom, everyone can, but not everyone does.

I’ll be the first to admit I stumbled into editing on Wikipedia by accident. What made me start doing it was a course at the University of Stuttgart, the course which this whole blog is structured by. I originally did not consider this course for myself, but due to another course being cancelled, I found myself attending nonetheless. It was a spontaneous decision, but not one I regret. Continue reading “Editing Wikipedia – What’s this all about?”

Dragon Age: German vs. English Inquisition

Wikipedia – encyclopedia extraordinaire and the probably most commonly known and used internet database in existence. Millions of articles offer information and insight on everything ranging from art over people to politics and technology. The flow of information seems endless, in some languages more than in others. Different language Wikipedias differ not only in the actual count of articles, but also greatly vary in the content. While many articles are mere copies of articles in different languages, some avert this and instead differ greatly from the English version, sometimes to a point where one has to wonder whether reading articles only in one language is enough to gather all the desired data. Continue reading “Dragon Age: German vs. English Inquisition”