My Experience Writing a Wikipedia Article

My contributions to Wikipedia:

I edited the German and English Wikipedia articles on the book: „The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas“ by John Boyne. I chose to edit these articles on this book because it is a novel we discussed at school a few years ago. I enjoyed reading the book and think it is very refreshing seeing this side of history through the eyes of an eight year old boy. Basically it’s an easy read but it offers many discussion points and an insight into history. Continue reading “My Experience Writing a Wikipedia Article”

My first Wikipedia article “Pornography”

It was the time to choose a new course for the winter term 2014-2015.  Among different courses I noticed a “Constructing Knowledge in the Digital Age: Wikipedia’s Contribution to the Humanities”. It sounded really interesting because until this time I was only a passive contributor of Wikipedia.  In my opinion Wikipedia is one of the best resources where you can find an overview about almost everything.

Choosing the article to write

Continue reading “My first Wikipedia article “Pornography””

Writing about a Film on Wikipedia

Starting Point

When I began to write for Wikipedia, I enlarged an already existing article about a film which is called “La Passion”, released in 1982 and directed by Jean – Luc Godard. When I first had a look at the English version of the article, there was only a header, the subpoints ‘cast’, ‘see also’ and ‘external links’. They didn’t contain much information. All in all it was only possible to get to know the names of the actors who performed in the film and who was the director of it.

My Contribution to the Article

I started by writing a summary of the main plot and then turned to the second level of the film, the tableaux vivants, which are equally important. Continue reading “Writing about a Film on Wikipedia”

About General American and Blank Spaces for Idiots

How it started

My experience as a Wikipedia contributor was very eventful.

At this semester’s beginning I did a presentation on the General American dialect for a different course, so I first checked Wikipedia for information. I realized that there was no German page about that topic, so, this is the reason why I picked “Standardamerikanisch” as my personal Wikipedia project.

Continue reading “About General American and Blank Spaces for Idiots”

A Leap in the Dark – My First Wikipedia Article

Last semester break, when I had a look at the course catalogue I was hooked immediately: in the fall semester a seminar about Digital Humanities, involving Wikipedia, was going to take place! I had always been curious about Wikipedia but never had had enough courage and incentive to get involved. Therefore, the seminar was supposed to be the push I needed in order to become a Wikipedia author. Continue reading “A Leap in the Dark – My First Wikipedia Article”

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